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Juan Almada develops a wide range of teaching activities guiding regular classes, masterclasses, seminars, lectures, private lessons, academic exchanges and courses in differents institutions.

Regular Classes


  • Assistant Professor,  Chair Classical Guitar, Faculty of Fine Arts, La Plata National University, Argentina.

  • Assistant Professor, Chair Contemporary vocal-instrumental ensembles, Chief Professor Santiago Santero, Faculty of Fine Arts, La Plata National University Nacional de La Plata, Argentina.

  • Assistant Professor, Chair Classical Guitar, Chief Professor Eduardo Isaac, Music School, Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Rosario National University, Argentina.​




Classical Guitar. Technique and Study Method (level 1 and 2)

Trimestral courses supported by Extension Secretary Office, Faculty of Fine Arts (UNLP), Argentina.



Seminars - Lectures - Masterclasses

Articulation for Guitarists
This lecture goes to pointed in mind importance of deep study regarding Musical Articulation like fundamental tool on instrumental guitar languaje.
Like on ever tecnical habilities development process, fine hearing skills and asociated mouvements become part of same issue to be worked.                

Classical Guitar Tecnique and Study Methods.

This lecture seek to order principal issues regarding study space constructing. Using identifing and solve problems as principal tecnique and starting on questions like "What do it? How to do it? What did I do?", it tries to develop student's eficacy and self regulation. 
Defining objectives, discipline, self motivated and artistic development like same circle of virtue parts.



Private lessons

Dictated private lessons in his own Private studio (La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

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